GIBSS Hot Water System replaces Boilers to reduce your Hot Water operating costs by 60-80%

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GIBSS™ Hot Water co-generation system operates at efficiency 7-8 times higher than conventional boiler/ geyser system. The system uses building heat that is otherwise lost to the atmosphere, to generate hot water. The system produces hot water at the required design

Temperature at one end, while it produces chilled water at the other end. In other words, the system co-generates and produces chilled water at the same time it produces hot water. The system is a 100% heat recovery system. The system is easy to operate and maintain and uses much smaller space.


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Advantages of GIBSS Hot Water System


1. Business impact for building owners
  • 60-70% reduction in hot water operating costs
  • Pay back of 1 to 1.5 Years
  • 100% Heat Recovery System
  • Economic Life of 20 Years
  • Maintenance Free System resulting in higher labour and purchase process productivity
  • Space conservation – 60% space savings compared to Boiler
  • Noise free system
  • Carbon credits

2. Environmental impact

  • Eliminates usage of highly flammable fuel storage requirement for hot water
  • Significant reduction in CO2 emissions
  3. Social impact
  • With dearth of power resource in the country, every 1000 KWHR saved can light up 2 small villages in India.

    With buildings accounting for over 30% of energy consumption, if most buildings utilized the innovation, 10-15% of the total power usage in urban India can be reduced and diverted to areas where there is no power available even to light homes.