GIBSS geothermal system reduces your air conditioning electricity bills by 40-60%

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Commercial buildings that are centrally air-conditioned use an air-cooled or water-cooled heat exchanger to pump out heat inside the building into the atmosphere. The atmospheric temperature conditions contribute to the efficiencies of the air-conditioning systems. If the atmospheric temperatures are higher, efficiency of the air-conditioning system is lower and vice versa.

GIBSS Geothermal heat sink system uses the earth as heat sink instead of outside atmosphere in conventional systems. The earth temperatures in most cases are much lower than the atmospheric temperatures. With the lower temperatures the efficiencies of the air-conditioning systems are significantly higher.

The Geothermal Heat Sink project for most buildings is one of the best prospects for energy saving with payback potential between 1 and 2 years.

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Advantages of GIBSS Geothermal System


1. Business impact for building owners
  • 50-60% reduction in operating costs
  • Pay back of 1 to 1.5 Years
  • 100% Water Efficient System
  • Economic Life of 50 Years
  • Maintenance Free System resulting in higher labour and purchase process productivity
  • Space conservation – no additional space above ground
  • Noise free system
  • Carbon credits

2. Environmental impact

  • Water conservation
  • Water harvesting
  • Significant reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Hazardous waste reduction
  3. Social impact
  • With dearth of power resource in the country, every 1000 KWHR saved can light up 2 small villages in India.
  • Water harvesting and conservation through the innovation will significantly contribute to address water shortage issues.
  • With buildings accounting for over 30% of energy consumption, if most buildings utilized the innovation, 10-15% of the total power usage in urban India can be reduced and diverted to areas where there is no power available even to light homes.